Who Are We

While traveling through Europe our founder Ian came up with an idea to bring together his local community, help local farmers and foster lively economic activity in his hometown. He imagined a non profit market where local farmers, artisans, bakers and entrepreneurs can consign their products directly to the people. A type of business where the goal is not profit maximization, not increasing shareholder wealth but to let the producers, the farmers, the bakers, etc. gain higher profits than traditional sales methods.

As Ian built on his idea he went to visit Eliza in Copenhagen, Denmark, a city where sustainability is a major public and state interest.  While exploring the city Ian detailed to Eliza, who was at the time studying in a sustainability program, his plans for a new type of market. Upon return to Newport, Ian started transforming what was Blue Rocks Market and Catering to Harvest Market and our affiliate 7 Carroll Kitchen. Realizing his ideas may actually turn to reality he invited Eliza to officially join his cause and soon after Johnny was brought on board.

Board Of Directors

Ian Martins – Chair/ Chief Executive Officer

Johnny Richmond III –  Chief Operations Officer

Eliza Grace –  Chief Development Officer