Harvest Share




Here at Harvest, we know that our customers like their produce fresh.  This winter we are bringing a new program called Harvest Share to our range of services. Harvest share is our way of offering an all-in-one home or office food delivery where you can order your favorite local products and have it delivered to your door for a special occasion- or sign up for the daily or weekly program.

Programs- we source all products, locally of high quality and grown with practices that fit our values.

Weekly home delivery-

  1. pick your box- large or small

2. Set your preferences

3. add items from the market

4. we deliver to you!


Special occasions:

Any size order, with 2 or more weeks notice- Follow the same options for weekly home delivery

7-14 days- Email Order to HarvestNewport@gmail , Subject, Harvest Share

7 days or less- Only what is available on the online market

*All Deliveries made on Friday